Leaf & Bean | Strip District

The New Kid on the Block (2200 Penn, of course)

You know you are a big deal when you own a vehicle with a tire on the hood.

This 1966 Range Rover 109 Series IIa is the newest edition to the fleet. What fun it is to drive! 

A Midsummer Fling

This is Jim's Willy. Jim loved his Willy. He even named his Willy "Clarence." He picked Clarence up in Walla Walla, WA and drove him across the country on backroads at the break-neck pace of 35mph. If you want to see the journey, click HERE.

Dignified as he was, he was really old and started to leak.  Jim tried his best to repair Clarence, but more often than not, the scene was a sad one. 

Therefore, we said goodbye to Clarence...  

The Bean Bug

The Bean Bug sure is pretty, but it seems like she's always being worked on. Someday she'll make a return.  

A Classic

When you are really honest with yourself, nothing says "Come hang out at the Leaf and Bean" quite like an urban camo/amateur graffiti outfitted Dodge Ram that literally says "Come hang out at the Leaf and Bean"